We supply the complete range of services required to see your eLearning project develop from an initial idea to the finished product. This is available as a comprehensive package or as a modular service to combine with the capabilities and resources that you may already have.

A professional service delivered by a dedicated and experienced team

The team at Achene Media has been involved producing many different types of eLearning Courseware and Performance Support Tools. Our experience affords us a great deal of knowledge and competence to be able to consult, design and develop high quality, fit-for-purpose products that our customers can be confident will fulfil their requirements.

Courseware Design & Development

Our courseware is designed and developed to teach any subject in the clearest, most relevant and effective manner. Using tried and trusted pedagocial/androgical instructional strategies and techniques we are able to produce...


Consultancy & Mentoring Services

The lifecycle of an eLearning project can contain many complex tasks. We can assist and advise on any or all areas of the project. We can work alongside you and your team to help bridge any gaps in knowledge or resources.

Specialised Workshops

We currently offer a number of specialised workshops encompassing all phases of the eLearning development process.


Data Capture & Media Generation

A key aspect of producing effective eLearning courseware is to ensure that appropriate media is used to augment understanding and retention of the subject matter.