Workshops > eLearning Workshop for the Instructional Designer

Instructional Designers

An Instructional Designer is able to assimilate and interpret subject matter and choose the most appropriate instructional strategy. By knowing and applying various teaching methodologies and practices they enable the student to fully understand and retain the subject matter. This five day workshop will provide the Instructional Designer with sufficient knowledge to design successful and cost effective eLearning courseware.


By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Scope the eLearning project
  • Devise and implement data capture activities
  • Select the captured data into concepts, processes, procedures and structures
  • Construct detailed design documents (storyboards)
  • Select the most appropriate instructional strategy for the eLearning blend
  • Associate the most cost effective media to the chosen instructional strategy
  • Devise formative and summative question banks
  • Identify performance support strategies

Allow us to tailor and customise this workshop to your specific needs:

  • We will construct this workshop around your current or future project - to assist in de-risking the programme
  • Your team will be provided with Welcome Packs in advance of the workshop
  • On completion of the workshop feel free to contact us at any time during your development process. We are on hand to lend our support - see our Consultancy and Mentoring section.