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Project Managers

Like any other project the eLearning project manager is called upon to produce a quality product within the constraints of timescales and cost.

This two day workshop will assist you in avoiding the many pitfalls that surround the design and development of effective eLearning courseware. There's an abundance of open literature addressing why some eLearning projects fail. The following 'old chestnuts' continue to appear in the 'reasons for failure' list:

  • Misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the User Requirement
  • Incomplete training needs analysis
  • Lack of source data
  • Unavailability of subject matter expertise
  • Mixed or conflicting expectations by stakeholders and contractor


By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify the various instructional design models
  • Scope the project
  • Identify and define the various project phases
  • Develop the required plans e.g. Project, Quality, Data Capture, Risk, Configuration, Schedule and Budget
  • Identify and debate the current LMS/LCMS applications
  • Monitor the project during execution i.e. scope, budget, schedule and risk
  • Manage stakeholder expectations
  • Exercise change management
  • Monitor courseware roll-out i.e. installation, setting to work and acceptance
  • Exercising project close-out
  • Conducting summative evaluation
  • Documenting lessons learned
  • Ensure transfer of learning to the work place

Allow us to tailor and customise this workshop to your specific needs:

  • We will construct this workshop around your current or future project - to assist in de-risking the programme
  • Your team will be provided with Welcome Packs in advance of the workshop
  • On completion of the workshop feel free to contact us at any time during your development process. We are on hand to lend our support - see our Consultancy and Mentoring section.