Data & Media

A key aspect of producing effective eLearning courseware is to ensure that appropriate media is used to augment understanding and retention of the subject matter.

  • Data Capture

    This is the process of capturing the subject matter (or aspects of the subject matter) so that this data can be used in the production and design of the courseware. At Achene Media we are able to provide the following data capture services:

    • Ascertain data capture requirements
    • Professionally photograph and/or film the subject matter
    • Collate, catalogue and deliver the captured data
  • Media Generation

    Using raw data from a data capture session or from media supplied by the customer, Achene media is able to provide the following media generation services:

    • Photographs cropped, scaled, named etc.
    • Videos compressed, cropped, scaled, named etc
    • 2 dimensional graphics/animation
    • 3 dimensional graphics/animation
    • Audio tracks processed
    • Voiceover and commentary tracks recorded